2018 SE Bikes Fat Ripper 26 Maroon Sparkle

Manufacturer: SE Bikes
SKU: 84425
Usually ships in: 1 day (Very Good)

Details and Specifications

By far one of the coolest new bikes in the 2018 SE lineup, the Fat Ripper is guaranteed to turn heads and will undoubtedly be hard to get once the limited pre-orders sell out. Equipped with rear disc brakes, an extra-grippy railed seat, 26 x 3.5" extra fat size tires, and wheelie pegs. We will update as more information becomes available.


Important Pre-Order Information:

Please be aware that due to the immense popularity of the SE bike models, the 2018 SE models are being offered for pre-order from 4/24/2017 until availability opens up. The button on this page will state either "Add to cart" or "Pre-order" depending on the situation. For pre-orders, payment is due when submitting your pre-order, and all orders will be fulfilled in the sequence they are submitted. Ship date has not been made publicly available by SE, however best estimates put the ship date of most model pre-orders around late June, with a select few Fat Rippers being available in the first shipment.

Basic Specifications
Model Year 2018
Wheel Size 26″