2018 SE Bikes Pre-Order

2018 SE Bikes

SE has upped their game by a huge margin for 2018! As a result of the huge support from the BikeLife movement, the entire SE catalog has been re-worked to include the features that wheelie riders have been asking for! Featuring new colors, new pads, new pegs, and new brakes... the 2018 SE bikes offer unbeatable features for wheelie riding. Despite all of these changes, they're still perfect for crusing around on! So whether you're looking for a purpose-built wheelie machine or just a simple BMX cruiser, the 2018 SE bikes have everything you've been dreaming of!


Pre-Order Information

Due to the immense popularity of the SE bike models, the 2018 SE models are being offered for pre-order from 4/24/2017 until availability opens up. Browse to each model to see details, photos, and specifications. Each page will have a button that will state either "Add to cart" or "Pre-order" depending on the situation. For pre-orders, payment is due when submitting your pre-order, and all orders will be fulfilled in the sequence they are submitted. Ship date has not been made publicly available by SE, however best estimates put the ship date of pre-orders around late June. Pre-order your new SE now – it's unlikely there will be any stock left over after pre-orders are fulfilled!


Why buy from us?

  • Pedaller Bike Shop has been serving the cycling community for over 45 years – longer than any other shop in the area, and over four times longer than the average "internet only" retailer. For that time, we've been the area's most trusted shop for BMX, road and mountain.
  • We offer the most comprehensive service options (including lifetime maintenance on all new bikes) that those other "internet only" retailers could never even think of offering!
  • We offer personalized service and advice. Our goal is to make sure you get the right bike for your needs. Give us a call, email us, or contact us on social media and we're happy to help you with any questions you have when purchasing a bike from us.
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