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2019 SE Bikes

Just when you thought SE couldn't possibly have any more tricks up their sleeve... they drop that 2019 SE Bikes lineup! Not only have they refreshed the models you already know with all-new colorways, they've also added several entirely new bikes to the lineup. With new designs, new colorways and features like suspension forks, disc brakes, Skyway Tuff™ wheels and many more, your hunt for the perfect BMX cruiser stops here! Whether you're looking for a purpose-built wheelie machine or a straightforward retro BMX cruiser with the authenticity that only an SE can provide, the 2019 bikes are worth a look.


When will 2019 bikes go on sale?

New model year SE catalogs are notoriously difficult for dealers to get information on – we often have to wait until months after SE begins publicly promoting new bikes until they forward us relevant model information. As such, we will be compiling any and all information that we have available to us for each model of bike, and including it here. Once we've confirmed the specificaitons, pricing and availability for a given model, we will begin allowing pre-orders for that model. Pay close attention to the pre-order shipment date table for each bike, as different models may have different expected ship dates. 


Pre-order information

Due to the immense popularity of the SE bike models, the 2019 SE models are being offered for pre-order until availability opens up. Browse to each model to see details, photos, and specifications. Each page will have either text stating that the product is not available (yet), and once we've confirmed the specifications, pricing and availability, a button that will state either "Add to cart" or "Pre-order" depending on the situation. For pre-orders, payment is due when submitting your pre-order, and all orders will be fulfilled in the sequence they are submitted. Ship dates are not made publicly available by SE, however we have included a shipping timetable on each SE product page, which is specific to each model and depends on when shipments are expected and how many are reserved from each shipment. Remember that no shop can know the exact date for SE shipments, however we take pride in having a pre-order planning and logistics system that tracks shipments, orders and looks at historical data to best predict availability for each model and ensure that orders are fulfilled exactly in the order they were submitted.

Pre-order your new SE now!


Why buy from us?

  • We have a comprehensive catalog of BMX, road and mountain bikes and parts, and we also have the largest selection of BMX cruiser dedicated products of any online or local shop – including spoke covers, pegs, brake system parts, grips, tires, and of course... our exclusive KitDesigner™ that allows you to design custom reflective decals for your new bike. We can even apply your KitDesigner™ decals to a new bike for free when your bike and decals are purchased at the same time!
  • Pedaller Bike Shop has been serving the cycling community for over 45 years – longer than any other shop in the area, and over four times longer than the average "internet only" retailer. For that time, we've been the area's most trusted shop for BMX, road and mountain.
  • We offer the most comprehensive service options (including lifetime maintenance on all new bikes) that those other "internet only" retailers couldn't even think of offering!
  • We offer personalized service and advice. Our goal is to make sure you get the right bike for your needs. Give us a call, email us, or contact us on social media and we're happy to help you with any questions you have when purchasing a bike from us.
  • We track your bike serial numbers when available to help take the burden off you to keep those records secure. Of course, you should always keep a record of your serial number, but we're the only internet dealer that also does this for added insurance.
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2019 SE Bikes PK Looptail Classic 20″ Black

** This is a limited production bike with each dealer allowed only 5 bikes. **

SE Bikes Big Ripper 29″ Spring Green

Shipping or freight discounts do not apply to limited edition SE models. We suggest picking up these items in-store. Call for more information.

SE Bikes So Cal Flyer 24″ Spring Green

Shipping or freight discounts do not apply to limited edition SE models. We suggest picking up these items in-store. Call for more information.