The Perfect Leisure Bike

Like the idea of a beach cruiser but hate the idea of lumbering one up a hill? A hybrid may be just what you're looking for! Also occasionally referred to as "comfort bikes" (depending on minor variations such as wheel size), hybrids feature plenty of easy-to-use gears to help you climb the hills at your own pace, and offer a superbly comfortable saddle, grips and other accoutrements. In addition, hybrids feature an upright riding position that takes weight off the hands and arms. For leisure riding, this posture creates a riding experience free of the sore neck and numb hands that all too often befall the casual cyclist and makes a hybrid the type of bike that doesn't demand you ride it every day for it to be comfortable. If you're looking for something a touch more performance oriented (whether that be more trailworthiness or a little more road-oriented efficiency), check out our complete line of Flat-bar Road and Dual-Sport Bikes.

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