Online Shopping


Here are some answers to the questions you may have.


Will Pedaller Bike Shop still operate their retail sales and service location in Lansdale, PA?

Absolutely! We've been the area's local bike shop for over 44 years, longer than any other shop in the area – and we plan to continue that tradition of excellence in service in retail as well as online.


I only see BMX products on your web store, why is that?

Right now, we're focusing our web store catalog on BMX both because of our history in BMX, and also due to the less restrictive nature of the industry. As we negotiate agreements with our other bicycle and parts brands, we'll include them in our web store as well. 


How does shipping work if I order something on the web store?

We stock a variety of items both in-store and in various warehouse spaces. Items in our web store will state their availability – either in store, in warehouse, etc. You can select to have items shipped to you and our system will calculate the closest and most cost-effective location to have the item shipped from.

Remember, we're still a small shop, so if you submit an order with a large array of ecclectic items, there's a good chance it'll be shipped from more than one location – you may get a shipment from our store directly, and one or more from our warehouses. This shouldn't pose any problems, however we want our customers to be aware of this and to look out for more than one shipment if their order is shipped in that way. The order details page in your account will list all these details about your order so that you know exactly what might be coming from where, and any available tracking information.


How long will it take to ship my order?

Our entire system is designed to streamline order processing and reduce delays that even the most advanced competing systems still suffer from, however there is a chance that we may experience slight delays during the first few weeks of operating our web store due to demand, for which we apologize. Handling and shipping transit times will vary based on your location and your order – for example, if you're on the east coast, times will vary from as little as one day to slightly over a week for items from our California warehouse space, and vice versa if your'e on the west coast.

Note that there are a select few items in our web store which ship from smaller vendors and for which we must warehouse ourselves, and thus shipping times may be delayed (a few days at most), until our ordering algorithms can accomodate the ordering habits of our web customers. Whenever one of these items is placed in your shopping cart, a message will show indicating this slight increase in shipping time. Rest assured that we are already working on ways to solve these issues, and as we process more orders these delays will become less and less noticeable. 


Can I pick up my order at the store?

You sure can! If you're local to our store, pickup-in-store makes a lot of sense. You can browse our huge online catalog, order exactly what you need, and then pick it up in-store when your order is ready. If any items need to be special-ordered, you won't pay for shipping or assembly like many other online sellers, and we'll notify you when your order is ready for pickup.

We recommend pickup-in-store for bikes as assembly is included free of charge, and many manufacturers require new bikes to be assembled by an authorized shop in order for the warranty to be valid.


Can someone else pickup my order at the store?

We've tried to think of everything, and that includes having a secure way for you to allow someone else to pick up your order. This is especially useful if you're giving a bike as a gift, or if you have a child who made up a wishlist which you completed the purchase of. When you select pickup-in-store during checkout, our system will send you a pickup authorization code with your "order ready" notification email is sent to you. Having the person picking up the order provide this code is a quick and safe way of ensuring that your order goes to the right person.

If you'll be picking up yourself, a valid form of ID is all that will normally be required.


What if I notice an error or inconsistency in the website?

We've done over 500 use-case, unit-tests and test operations on our new website, and we're confident that the product selection and features such as product comparison, filtering and order tools, are among the best ever offered by a local bike shop web store... however, this is our grand opening after all! Our customer service team is here to help if you have any questions about the site or your order. Feel free to call us, email us using the contact form on our site, or message us on social media (links at the bottom), and we'll be happy to help resolve any issues or answer any questions. 


I'm not located in the United States, can I still order?

Unfortunately at this time we're limiting online ordering to domestic orders. This is to allow us to fine-tune our order processing and prevents us from running into issues with our shipping carrier accounts and order reporting not being set up set up for international shipping and customs compliance. We do plan to evaluate international shipping in the future.