The area leader in service since 1972!

Pedaller Bike Shop has been around since 1972, longer than almost any other shop in the area, and one thing we learned early on is that service is one of the most important aspects of a bike shop. It may seem surprising to know that bicycles require significant maintenance. The reason for this is due to the precision with which the components on a bicycle must operate – and because they're designed to be as light as possible, keeping these components adjusted and maintained will ensure a long and efficient service life. We believe that properly maintaining your bicycle is crucial to getting the most out of it, and it's why we offer a comprehensive Lifetime Service Policy on all new bikes purchsed from us.

We may be an oldschool shop with all the history that goes along with that, but we take a decidedly newschool approach to our service department. We recently teamed up with a top software development agency to design and build a new computer work order system, right from the ground up specifically for our shop. It's taken several years of research and development in the bike industry to develop, but we're proud to offer a repair experience completely unmatched – one that leaves our customers happy to be back on their bike faster and impressed with our quality of work!

What can you expect that's so unique to our shop? A lot of things - faster turnaround, more accurate service, and better communication. Our system will track every step of the work on your bike and allow you to follow the progress online, and will notify you immediately after finishing your work order to make sure you're back on your bike as soon as possible. It also provides our technicians with various workflow logistics features to make sure that no service work is missed - we can coordinate with our customers in real-time, so there's no need to worry about surprise bills!

In addition, we invest significantly into training and special service tools and systems for all major brands of components including electronic shifting, hydraulic brake service, and for recumbents and trikes, to name just a few. We also maintain a large array of specialty tools for vintage Schwinn® and other bikes. This may all sound a bit high-tech for one of the oldest shops in the area, but to us it's just the price of admission to make sure that we offer the fastest, most competitive, and most thorough service in the industry. We're so confident in our service department that aside from a few select "best effort" services that we offer in unique cases (such as truing a badly bent wheel), we provide a full 30-day guarantee on our labor in addition to any warranty already offered on the parts and accesories we carry and use.

What if your bike needs a repair?

If your bike needs mechanical (or electronic) attention, bring it in and one of our trained technicians will provide a free evaluation and let you know what we offer that will help get you back on the road or the trails. As additional peace of mind, we operate on a flat-rate labor system that ensures you'll get an accurate quote for the work to be done.

We strive for a fast repair turnaround even in this seasonal indusry, so check our WorkOrderWidget™ for an estimate on our current service lead times. Remember that in addition to our standard drop-off service, in some cases you might prefer to call ahead to set up an appointment to expedite the process when you drop off for service.